Genie Material Lift 15' – 4.5m

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15'- 4.5m Genie Material Lift SWL 363kg
15'- 4.5m Genie Material lift SWL 363kg The Genie Lift is ideal for a wide variety of tasks, including shipping/receiving, lifting heavy material to or from shelves, installing and repairing HVAC components, lifting and moving automotive parts, and other manufacturing applications.Standard base offers a low loading height suited for general lifting and material delivery.Compact, Maneuverable Design The telescoping aluminum frame makes the unit compact, the steel forks and winch handle are reversible for flexibility, and a hold-down mechanism secures the carriage for easy transport and storage.Versatile Options The boom option turns the Genie Lift into a vertical crane or hoist capable of lifting 210 to 500 lbs (95 to 227 kg) with up to 20 in (51 cm) of reach.These are a few of the thousands of applications: Shipping/receiving Transporting appliances Lifting heavy material to or from shelves Moving office equipment Installing ceiling/wall appliances Record storage and retrieval HVAC installation and repair Lifting equipment/computer products in retail stores Handling cement bags Lifting and moving automotive parts
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