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Steel Trestle Guardrail Systems

Trestle Guardrail Systems provides 1100mm high fall protection (Min 1 Week)


Legalises trestles and provides 1100mm high fall protection 
for people, tools and materials.

Adjustable in height – Size 3 from circa 1050mm to 1560mm

This trestle based safety platform system provides fall protection 
for persons and objects and provides vastly improved stability combined 
with integral edge protection compared to normal builder’s trestles.

 Successfully load tested to BS 1139: Part 4
Fully compliant to the Work at Height Regulations (WAHR 2005) 
both during erection, dismantling and use.
 Handrail system successfully over-turning “topple” tested to BS EN 12811.
Ladder Restraint with integral safety gate
Spacer bar “controls” the trestle centres, ensures scaffold boards 
are not over loaded which provides greater load bearing capacity 
and lateral stability

Provides Class A Edge Protection to BS EN 13374

The stabiliser is self levelling and provides full support even on 
un-flat ground conditions
No tools required