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Henley 01491 576063
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Industrial Carpet Cleaner – 240v

240v Industrial Carpet Cleaner for large sized carpeted areas


Large area professional / industrial wet carpet cleaning.
Power Source: 240 volt mains

Industrial, carpet floor steam cleaner uses warm water and a 
cleaning chemical solution to quickly remove dirt, stains, spills 
and dust from carpets, soft floor coverings and upholstery. 

Carpet cleaning machines carry out this wet operation by 
injecting heated water into the surface and then vacuum up the 
disolved and released dirt into a recovery tank.

Ideal for hotel and retail floor areas such as department stores 
and airport shopping malls, public areas such as theatres, 
hospital environments, offices, schools and universities, 
cinemas, conference centres and exhibition halls, indoor sports 
surfaces such as tennis courts, badminton areas and 
general play areas.