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Henley 01491 576063
Brackley 01280 731594

Diesel Diaphragm Pump

Diesel Diaphragm Pump 3″ – 75mm Outlet Max Suction 7.8m


Self priming, diaphragm slurry/sludge pump for sandy, muddy, slurry water-industrial waste, septic tanks, environmental cleanup and other tough jobs.

  • Heavy duty cast aluminum pump housing with gear reduction drive.
  • Variable speed governor allowing pump speed to match the job.
  • Fast, sure self-priming, self-cleaning water flow through internal valves.
  • High suction lift with dry prime capability.
  • Pump can run dry without damage.
  • Easy recoil starting with auto decompression release and self fuel bleed.
  • Heavy service trolley with rubber tires and convenient handle.