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Henley 01491 576063
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Allsaw Orbital Cutter – 110v

Arbortech Allsaw 11OV – Cuts bricks, mortar, wood and tree roots


Arbortech Allsaw 11OV (Blade Wear at Cost)

Using a unique patented orbital cutting motion and two forward facing blades, the AS160 is able to perform with degrees of effectiveness and safety, which were previously impossible. This award winning cuttting action which combines a hammering and cutting motion offers the advantages of safety, low dust, deep square and dry cutting. Designed for the professional, the AS160 cuts materials ranging from bricks, mortar, wood and tree roots in the ground! Cuts Fast

Save time on chiselling, cleaning and rendering by cutting square to full depth of cut. The AS160 cuts faster than any existing reciprocating saw and as fast as most small angle grinders.

Visibilty – The unique blade position allows clear visibility of the material while cutting. Cuts Square – able to cut square corners, requiring no over cutting. Plunge Cuts – cut directly into flush walls without stitch drilling.

Cuts Safe – Unlike disc cutters does not throw dust into the air, or kick back. Cuts Dry – Cuts masonry materials dry, with significantly less respirable dust than disc cutters. Cuts Deep – Tthe only small, handheld saw able to cut to depths of 120mm (Plunge Blade) in masonry materials. The AS160 cuts more: Building Material: Bricks (up to 50MPa) Mortar Fibre cement Fast block

Rock: Soft sandstone Natural Limestone Soft to medium stone

Wood: Hard wood Chip or ply wood Dirty wood Tree roots in the ground

Plastics: Foam PVC Acrylic Fibreglass sheet Ideal for cutting mortar, brickwork and composite material in established and furnished houses.


Maximum cutting depth GP: 115mm (4’1/2″) PB:125mm (5″) Cutting width: 6.5mm/7.2mm (1/4″), depending on blades

Weight, with cutting blades: 4.3kg (9.5lb) Dimensions without blades: 345mm (13 1/2″) 75mm (3″) 210mm (8 1/4″)

Noise Level: 108 db max. at 1.0m No load speed: 6,500rpm

Electrical rating , nominal 230 VAC, 50Hz, (UK/Europe) 900 watt: 110 – 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz (UK Industrial) 1000 watt Dust Extraction vacuum hose interface 30mm ID, EN 60335-2-69 Belt tension 1mm (1/16″) maximum mid-span deflection with 25 N (2.5kg) 8lb deflection force

Blade mount bolt torque 14N/m (2.0 kg/m), (15ft/lb), unlubricated CE Compliance, EN 50144-1:1999 incl. Amdt 1 & EN 50144 2-11:1997