4400 Indoor Bluetooth Padlock

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The Master Lock indoor Bluetooth® padlock is opened via your smart phone. It allows you to share access with friends, family or even contractors without jeopardising your security. You have the option to give permanent access, restricted time access or even a 1 time entry code.

If you wish to give someone access and they don’t have a smart phone you can give them a 1 time directional access code. If your phone battery dies then you can use a directional combination to access your property. The padlock will send you a low battery notification and has a ‘jump’ facility allowing you to open the padlock and change the battery should it be completely flat.

The battery life expectancy is up to 2 years depending on method/frequency of use.

Dimensions: -

Width: 47mm
Depth: 27mm
Height (including shackle): 80mm
Vertical shackle clearance: 22mm
Horizontal shackle clearance: 22mm
Shackle diameter: 7mm

Battery (replaceable): CR2450

Indoor use only