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Lawn Aerator – 5HP

Lawn Aerator 5.5HP Hollow or Solid Tyne - Petrol 4 Stroke

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Lawn Aerator 5.5HP Hollow or Solid Tyne Petrol 4 Stroke

Features aerators with rear casters and outboard front drive wheels with a built-in differential. These features make the unit extremely easy to turn at the end of a run. Designed to require less effort in tine engagement than any other comparable unit.

It is not necessary to lift the bar to disengage the tine reel from the ground; simply raise the rear handle and the tine reel will lock into position.v Designed for years of trouble-free operation, these industrial-duty aerators are built for daily contractor use.

Engineered to be simple to use and service, with easy access to inspection and maintenance points. Puncture-proof outboard drive wheels and heavy-duty differential provide traction assistance during operation and make turning easy.

5.5HP means more power for greater productivity up to 33,000 sq. ft. per hour. Outperforms larger units because the throttle controls ground speed, not just engine RPM.

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