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Adjustable Gantry – 1000kg

Adjustable Gantry 1000kg - Adjust Height, Span, and Width

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Adjustable Gantry 1000kg You can adjust Height, Span, and Width. For applications as diverse as waste-water treatment, particle physics, and helicopter maintenance. These cranes can also be used in a cantilever configuration, making sure the proper counterweights have been applied. Can be made narrow and short to fit through doorways. With the pinned construction, they can even be quickly disassembled and moved on an Accessory cart within a worksite. Adjustable span gives more advantages - bracing may be inboard or outboard or cantilever configuration. Cantilever overhang is limited to 25% of the I-beam length. No matter which configuration you use, our push trolleys with hand or electric hoists will travel the entire length of the I-beam. Adjustable Height Adjustable main legs permit crane height adjustment at 6 inch intervals. Frequent height adjustment is speedy with optional Crane Jack Kit. Height can be raised to go over equipment or material in its path; lowered to go under low ceilings, obstructions or through doors. Legs can be set at different heights where flooring or terrain is uneven. Ideal for loading from truck dock to floor or from ground level to mezzanine. Adjustable Tread Adjust caster tread to roll through narrow aisles or doorways, without costly disassembly, or extend to full width for maximum stability. Safety cable attached inside caster frame tubes prevents overspreading when adjusting. Durable Construction Only high quality, heavy gauge steel and aluminum tubing are used. All bolts, pins and hardware are plated to prevent corrosion. Aluminum alloy construction for lightweight and maximum portability. Combination models have aluminum alloy I-beams with steel A-frames for light weight and lower cost. All steel construction gives you the greatest capacity at lowest cost. Height Adjusting Bolts Main legs on all models are equipped with spring loaded bolts permitting gantry height adjustment at 6 inch intervals. They can be locked out until the desired height is reached, then unlocked to engage automatically. Casters Four position swivel lock casters offer special advantages. Locked at 90

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